W30 4-6S Underwater Thruster for ROVs/AUVs/ Boats Specially

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• One set of Thruster contains one W30 Motor, a pair of ProPeller, one ESC and one Nozzle.
• Underwater thruster
• For ROVs, AUVs, boats specially
• High anti-corrosion
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The CubeMars W30 underwater thruster is a propulsion device developed by CubeMars specifically for corrosive marine 

environments.This design boasts corrosion resistance, high efficiency, and a compact structure. The magnet surface is 

coated with a special corrosion-resistant layer, and the winding is encapsulated with potting glue, allowing the motor to 

be water-cooled while ensuring stableperformance. The steel shaft and body screws are made of high-grade stainless 

steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

Unlike regular bearings, this thruster utilizes an imported bushing for self-lubrication upon immersion, allowing the 

thruster to naturally withstand pressure with a diving depth of up to 200 meters. The rectifying cover is made of PC 

plastic, sturdy and pressure-resistant, with a streamlined design for maximum thrust of 7.7kgf.

This thruster can be used in various fields such as marine robotics, unmanned boats, surfboards, etc. The main 

parameters of the W30 

thruster are as follows:

- External Dimensions: Ф100*108mm

- Forward Thrust: 6.7kgf-7.7kgf

- Reverse Thrust: 5.0kgf-5.8kgf

- Rated Power: 480W

- Rated Current: 22A

- Weight (in air): 420g

- Weight (in water): 200g

- Effective Diving Depth: 200m

- Recommended Battery/Voltage: 6S (single cell 4.2V)

- Cable Specifications/Length: 18AWG/1000mm

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