G30 KV290 12V Motor for Gimbal and Automatic Driving Systems

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• Large Center Hole
• Available to Integrate with Electrical Slip Rings, Easy Wire Crossing
• Suitable for Gimbal Systems and Automatic Driving Systems
• Waterproof and Dustproof Better Performance
  • Driver board:
  • KV:
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CubeMars G30 inrunner Gimbal Motor is designed for low-speed operation, high torque density, and tailored for 

applications in aerial photography, gimbal stabilizers, autonomous driving, and similar fields.

Key Features:

1. Large Hollow Structure: The motor is designed with a large hollow through-hole for easy integration of electrical 

slip rings, catering to diverse DIY requirements.

2. Compact and Practical Design: Considering its high-precision application scenarios, the motor is designed to be 

lightweight, with low rotational inertia, ensuring easy responsiveness.

3. Support for Multiple Control Modes: It supports both speed and position control modes, ensuring accurate 

control and significantly improving feedback response speed.

CubeMars G30 Motor Specifications:

- Rated Voltage: 12V

- Rated Current: 2.3A

- Rated Torque: 0.08Nm

- Rated Speed: 2200rpm

- Motor Weight: 83g

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