U15Ⅱ Power Type UAV Motor KV80

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• For freight transport and manned uav programs
• Safe,stable,reliable
• Higher waterproof and dust-resistance level
  • Parameter:
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"U Power" motors (from U-series) are aimed for high end UAVs requiring big thrust. 

This kind of UAVs are usually for professional aerial photography, filming, delivery service and agriculture applications.

Handmade high-temperature enameled wire has excellent fire protection, industrial grade waterproofing, 

anti-aging and other properties, which greatly extends the service life of the motor. The precision winding 

ensures the tightness of coil and slot.It helps reduce the copperloss while improve the utilization. 

Adoption of imported high-quality bearing ,enables motor run more smoothly and longer with lower noise.

 1.Max. thrust :36kg  

 2. Recommendation:T-MOTOR G40*13.1" prop 

 3. MTBF:About 1000hours  

 4. Motor Maintenance:Regularly lubricate bearings to reduce friction and wear  

 5. Features:Industrial Grade, Waterproof, dustproof, low noise, large bearings  

If you have any questions or inquirys, please contact us : onlinesales@tmotor.com

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