AK80-8 48V Joint & AGV Motor

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• Highly integrated, driver to be choice
• MIT and Servo control mode
• Input & Output encoder
• Long life time
• Rated 10Nm
• Joint motor for Legged Robot, Exoskeleton & Arm
  • Driver board:
  • KV:
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The AK80-8 actuator integrates a high-performance brushless DC motor, a self-developed planetary reducer, an encoder, and an integrated drive, enabling smooth operation with high torque.Utilizing a portable drive solution, the AK80-8 Power 

Module supports both servo and MIT modes. It breaks away from conventions by achieving synchronized control of position, 

velocity, and acceleration, adapting to PID settings automatically and eliminating complexity to reach the target efficiently.

CubeMars offers highly customizable motor modules.

AK80-8 Actuator Specifications:

- Operating Voltage: 48V

- Rated Torque: 10Nm

- Rated Speed: 243rpm

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