R100 48V Exoskeleton Robot Motor with Hall Sensor

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• Framed Outrunner Motor
• Pre-installed Hall Sensor
• Hollow Hole
• Available with harmonic reducer or flange
• Great for Exoskeleton
  • KV:
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CubeMars R100 Brushless DC Outrunner Motor, with a total outer diameter of 106.8mm, boasts a high torque of up to 11Nm. 

The compact body with significant torque makes it suitable for mobile platforms like AGV and AMR.

The R series outer rotor torque motor is equipped with built-in Hall sensors, providing higher accuracy and precision. 

Compared to other position detection technologies, it offers better resistance to interference and greater reliability. Additionally, 

the Hall technology of the R series enables contactless measurement, eliminating friction and losses between the sensor and the rotor.

The rotor end cap of the motor has multiple mounting holes, catering to diverse installation needs. Customers can directly match it 

with corresponding harmonic reducers or use flanges to install other types of reducers to meet higher torque requirements.

The R series outer rotor torque motor adopts a special heat dissipation design, featuring an ultra-thin stator end cap and high 

thermal conductivity silicone pads. This design not only reduces the overall installation height but also achieves effective heat 

dissipation for the motor. Moreover, both the three-phase wires and Hall sensors feature plug-and-play design, allowing for 

convenient and quick installation.

R100 KV90 Specifications:

- Motor Weight (g): 731

- Voltage (V): 48

- Continuous Torque (Nm): 3.7

- Peak Torque (Nm): 11

- Continuous Torque Max Speed (rpm): 3800

- Continuous Current (A): 35

- Peak Current (A): 104

- Torque Constant (Nm/A): 1.106

- Speed Constant (rpm/V): 90

For more details and parameters about the R100 motor, please consult our online advisors.

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