GL35 16V Gimbal System Motor-KV100

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• Small size, Ultralight
• Low Cogging and Consumption
• Suitable for gimbal systems
• Larger hollow shaft
• Easy to Insert Signal and Power Cables
• Compatible with AlexMos Gimbal Controller
  • Encoder:
  • KV:
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CubeMars' GL series brushless DC motors are specifically designed for gimbal systems, featuring characteristics such 

as a large hollow structure, low cogging torque, lightweight, compact size, and low energy consumption, providing 

a smooth experience for your gimbal equipment.

Key Features:

1. Low Cogging Torque: Optimized for gimbal systems, the low cogging torque results in low torque ripple, 

providing delicate control and enhancing coordination with control systems.

2. Large Hollow Structure: With an oversized central aperture, it facilitates the passage of signal and power lines.

3. Compact Size, Lightweight: Despite being thin and lightweight, these motors offer substantial torque, making 

them suitable for variousapplications such as photography equipment, handheld gimbals, aerial pods, autonomous 

driving, laser scanners, and more.

4. Targeted Gimbal Electromagnetic Design: Low energy consumption and low noise make them suitable for 

prolonged operation. 

The titanium oxide coating ensures good overall sealing performance, providing excellent waterproof and 

dustproof effects.

GL35 KV100:

- Motor Weight: 90g

- Rated Voltage: 16V

- Rated Torque: 0.15Nm

- Rated speed: 900rpm

- Stall/Peak Torque: 0.46Nm

- Waterproof and Dustproof Rating: IP45

CubeMars gimbal motors can also be paired with encoders and driver boards, compatible with various gimbal 

controllers for simplified control!

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