G100 KV10 24V Motor for Gimbal and Automatic Driving Systems

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• Large Center Hole
• Available to Integrate with Electrical Slip Rings, Easy Wire Crossing
• Suitable for Gimbal Systems and Automatic Driving Systems
• Waterproof and Dustproof Better Performance
  • Driver board:
  • KV:
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CubeMars G100 Gimbal Motor features a large central through-hole design that allows integration of an electrical 

slip ring, making it convenient for wiring. The G series gimbal motors have an overall low cogging torque, 

resulting in low energy consumption and enabling quick responses. With a high precision of 0.01°, 

these motors support various control modes, including speed and position control, providing precise 

and convenient control options.

The G100 gimbal motor adopts a high slot-fill factor winding, allowing for low-speed operation with high torque 

density, meeting the requirements of applications with high power demands. Additionally, it boasts high 

waterproof and dustproof performance, making it suitable for gimbal systems and autonomous driving systems, 

gaining popularity among users.

G100 Gimbal Motor Specifications:

- Motor Weight: 954g

- Rated Voltage: 24V

- Rated Current: 2.4A

- Rated Torque: 3Nm

- Rated Speed: 140rpm

- Maximum No-Load Speed: 250rpm

- Stall/Peak Torque: 7.7Nm

For more detailed information about the G series gimbal motors or for customers looking to customize gimbal motors, 

please consult our online advisors!

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